Peabody Family Chiropractic

Lunch and Learn

​Since 2007, Dr. Tim O'Leary and Peabody Family Chiropractic have volunteered in the local community doing educational workshops at various corporations, social groups, and other organizations. Since it is a volunteer effort to get educational and transformational information about health and wellness to people, there is no cost to the groups. In addition to providing up to date information about health and wellness, lunch can be provided at no cost if requested.

The education workshops available are:

Your Diet, Your Future - A nutrition workshop based on the fact that humans over the last 100 years have started consuming products that are incongruent with our genes. Find out the mistakes you and your family have been making and how to correct them.

Address the Stress - Stress is on the rise and is making people sick. Learn helpful tools to help you recognize the cause of stress and what to do to limit your response to it. Recommended for high stress work environments.

Optimal Living - Health is simple but not easy. an all encompassing workshop about how to make achieving optimal health easier for you and your entire family.

The Backpack Epidemic - Many children's health issues can be traced to posture. One of the most significant factors in childhood posture are their backpack habits. Recommended for school/parent organizations like PTO's.

If you think your group or organization can benefit from our "Lunch and Learn" workshops please contact Vicki at or call (978)531-0202.