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Lunch and Learn Testimonials

Middle Oak Insurance Company

August 13, 2010
Dr. Timothy O’Leary
Peabody Family Chiropractic
49 Central Street
Peabody, Ma. 01960

Dear Dr. O’Leary,

On behalf of the employees at MiddleOak that are participating in our Wellness Initiative we wanted to thank you very much for agreeing to provide us with a Nutritional Presentation. Your presentation enhanced our organizational health & wellness mission by fostering interest and encouraging employees to continue to expand healthier lifestyles. Your presentation was an asset to our diverse wellness program as we continue to strive to meet a wide range of personal health needs, and recognize employees for participating in healthier lifestyles and activities. Thank you for being part of our wellness program and reinforcing the positive culture that is focused on celebrating and improving the quality of life for all employees.

Very truly yours,
MiddleOaks’ Wellness Committee

Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, Inc.

27 Congress Street, Suite 107 Salem, Ma. 01970

Dear Dr. O’Leary,

The Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann, Inc. is very appreciative of your presentation on December 21, 2010 regarding Nutritional and Healthy Eating expertise.

We hope you enjoyed presenting to us and hearing about the Independent Living Center of the North Shore and Cape Ann as much as we enjoyed the collaboration. If you see a role for ILCNSCA in the lives of those you work with, please have them call us. We also would like you to do an additional training for our consumers, possibly in the spring, as well as if we could put a copy of the information you provided us on our webpage to share with our consumers. You can contact me at 978-741-0077 ext. 210 or by email at

We added your name and address to our mailing list and hope you will attend our other functions as you receive notice in the mail. Again, thank you for your time and information.

Yours Truly,
Danielle Camire, IL Peer Guide